Board & Officers

Falcon Bowling and Social Club is proud to have a comprehensive group of dedicated personnel looking after its interests, growth and development. The club is effectively structured with elected Directors, Officers and Section Officers, with additional sub-committees created from the club’s members, as required, to organise or run specific projects.

Official public documentation relating to the club including minutes of key meetings and the club’s Memorandum and Articles of Association can be viewed within our Club Documents section of this website.


President: Ernie Brockman
Deputy President:
Secretary: Debbie Farrow 


Ernie Brockman

Linda Drewe

Tony Ellis

Greg Moss  (Chairman)

David Vann

John Weatherley

Kevin Wood

Mike Wright

Section Officers

Gent’s Winter Indoor
Chairperson: Graham Saville
Captain: George Godbold
Vice Captain: Phil Johnson
Secretary: Allan Taplin
Ladies' Winter Indoor
Chairperson: Carol Saville
Captain: Liz Wood
Secretary: Pam Forrester
Summer Indoor
Captain: Roy Turner
Secretary: Mike Wright
Chairperson: Graham Saville   
Captain:  Liz  Wood
Vice-Captain :Vacant
Gent's Secretary: Alan Smith
Ladies' Secretary: Maureen Woodard
Match Secretary: John Milsom