Falcon Club Lottery

The Falcon Bowling and Social Club run a Club Lottery every month to help raise funds to support all members competing in National Competition finals.
The Club Lottery is by subscription only and takes the form of a monthly draw, with a cash prize of £100.00 for the winning number.

Joining is Simple

Joining the Falcon Club Lottery is an easy process and costs just £12.00 (paid in advance) to gain the opportunity to win.  With an annual prize fund totalling £1,200.00, it is an exceptionally impressive potential ‘return on investment’, and  helps the club to support members along the way.

Simply download the subscription form by clicking on the link below.  Then, complete and return it to the club office with a cheque for £12.00 (payment by cash is also possible, but only if hand-delivering your subscription form).  New subscriptions must be received in time to join by the next annual lottery closing date of 1st March.
After processing your subscription form, you will then be allocated a number which will become part of the monthly draw, enabling you to be in with a chance to enjoy the £100.00 cash prize each month.
Download the lottery subscription form by Clicking Here (select 'Save As' to save it to your computer for completing and returning).

This Year's Lottery Winners - £100 PRIZE DRAW

MARCH  2017  -  049  - Maurice Lobb

APRIL 2017  -  059  -  Renee Gathercole

MAY 2017  -  025  -  Jan Anderson

JUNE 2017      - 080 -  Anne Clarke

JULY 2017  -  070-  Colin Clarke

AUGUST 2017 - 009 - Kevin McBrearty

SEPTEMBER 2017 - 006 - Sandra Davis

OCTOBER 2017  -  043  -  Maurice Lobb

NOVEMBER 2017  -  019  -  Phil Johnson

DECEMBER 2017  -  083  - Mary Harris

JANUARY 2018  -  076  -  Pauline Nicholson

FEBRUARY 2018  -  071  - Barrie Crowe